Yonkers Public Schools teachers criticize district for handling of COVID-19 cases

Teachers in Yonkers Public Schools are criticizing the district for how it's handling COVID-19 cases.
They did not reveal their identities in fear of retaliation. The teachers say one of the main sources of ventilation in classrooms are open windows, and as a result - prior to the holiday break - some classroom temperatures dropped to as low as 48 degrees.
The school district says there is heat in the classrooms and that it has been very clear about which classrooms must have windows open for ventilation.
It encourages staff to notify the principal if they feel uncomfortably cold while teaching.
That's not the only issue, though - staff also tell News 12 that COVID-19 cases are rising in the district as more of their colleagues and students are falling ill, driving a load of anxiety among them.
The school district gave staff and students the option of distance learning last week only as a "post-holiday pause." Teachers are saying that's not enough.
Yonkers Public Schools is the fourth largest district in the state. The district tells News 12 that the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases are small compared to the number of students and staff in the district.
According to the district, that data is the driving decision to reopen schools after one week of a "post-holiday pause" rather than the two weeks teachers are seeking.
The teachers say they don't feel safe.