Yonkers FD: Person injured, 2 cats rescued in 3-alarm apartment building fire

The Yonkers Fire Department said one person was injured and two cats were rescued during a three-alarm fire that erupted at an apartment building Saturday morning.
It happened around 9 a.m. on 60 Morrow Ave.
Fire officials told News 12 due to the location of building and structure, the fire quickly rose to three alarms. They said it could have been a lot worse.
"The front of this building is on top, it has parking garages that overlook Central Avenue, and because of the weight of our equipment, our trucks, we cannot drive on top of that. So the whole front of this building it's a no-access zone for our equipment," explained Deputy Chief Joseph Citrone. "The fact that the fire was in the back of the building where we can access it, definitely made a big difference here."
Fire officials added smoking possibly caused the fire to erupt.