Yonkers councilwoman seeks to create tenant board so residents can voice housing concerns

Yonkers residents who live in apartments with chronic problems may soon have an ally, in the form of a proposed tenant board that could be formed by the Yonkers City Council.
Doris Miranda-Pemberton, 74, lives in 7383 Highland, which allegedly has mold, chipping ceilings, roaches and rats.
"For many years, we've been asking for insulation in the walls…and I feel abused as a senior," she says.
Money is already tight in HUD low-income housing, but Miranda-Pemberton and other residents have to use personal space heaters to stay warm - driving up their utility bills.
"My bill this month is over $170 and I'm still paying rent," she says.
The apartment on Highland Avenue is reportedly one of several Section 8 buildings in Yonkers with the same problems.
"We have had people that have gotten pneumonia. We have people that passed away," says Councilwoman Tasha Diaz, of Yonkers' 3rd District.
Councilwoman Diaz wants to create a Tenant Association Board - a place for residents to voice any concerns about where they live.
"Now they won't be scared because they'll have that security blanket to say, 'These are the rules, these are the regulations, and if I am retaliated against, this is the board I can go to help me,'" she says.
News 12 called the owner of 7383 Highland who said, "We already took care of the problem, and I don't want to have an argument."
Diaz hopes this board can hold landlords accountable.
She and her fellow City Council members expect the ordinance to pass unanimously Tuesday night - so the board can be created within 40 days.