Yonkers apartment building fire leaves nearly a dozen families without homes

Firefighters were on the scene of an apartment building fire on Elliot Avenue in Yonkers, which left nearly a dozen families without a home this Christmas weekend.
People living in the apartment building did not get to spend a cozy Christmas night at home. Instead, the fire raged most of the evening, destroying their apartments.  
They also say the fire was a general alarm. That is the highest response a department can call for and only used for the most serious fires.
Many firefighters who weren't scheduled to work left their families to help anyway. About a dozen firefighters received some minor injuries while working, but they kept the fire from spreading to other apartments nearby. They're still investigating how the fire started.
Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano expressed that even though no one was hurt, several families lost everything. Christmas typically means an end to the giving season, but Spano says these families still need help.
The city and the Red Cross are helping, but with stores closed for the holiday, it is hard to get the essentials. There is especially a need for size 5 and 6 diapers.
Anyone willing to help can drop off any items for the families at San Andres Church on Post Street.