White Plains yoga event shines light on mental health

Hundreds hit their yoga mats Wednesday in White Plains for International Yoga Day and to highlight the role yoga plays in mental health.
The Mega Yoga event, sponsored by the Mental Health Association of Westchester, promoted the importance of maintaining a healthy body and mind. It was held at Turnure Memorial Park in downtown White Plains.
News 12 spoke with a man who, after suffering multiple strokes and a heart attack that left him disabled and a wheelchair user, found that yoga would come to change his life.
"I was lucky enough and blessed enough to get yoga integrated into my practices and what I was doing," says Stephen Gill, of Mamaroneck.
Studies show that yoga helps reduce symptoms associated with depression and anxiety.
"In recent years there's been a lot of evidence to link the success of yoga in ameliorating symptoms of things like PTSD, mood disorders and physical pain," says Charlotte Ostman, CEO of the Mental Health Association of Westchester.