Westchester mother runs organization to help families care for loved ones

A Westchester mother is helping families take care of their loved ones.
Carrie Andino has a background in human resources. She says when she became a mom to her son, she decided she wanted to change course and help parents like her.
She decided to over Family Helpers, an organization that helps find placements for families in Westchester, Rockland and Connecticut.
"We offer nanny services, babysitting, back up care, elder care companions, and housekeepers," she says.
Andino assures that the group is prepared for the many families who will need help this fall, as their kids return to school with inconsistent schedules.
"For parents who don't know what's going to happen in the next month or so, we offer a temporary service, which means that they would pay a daily agency fee and they pay the nanny directly," she says.
The group runs criminal background checks and drivers checks, and scan the sex offender registry to make sure all nannies can work with them.
Andino says, "If a person is there Monday through Friday, we'll charge $175 for that person being there and the client will pay the nanny directly."
For parents who want permanent care at a set schedule and want to lock it in, the fee is approximately $5,000 for the entire year.
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