Westchester legislators to vote expanding protections for patients, workers at abortion facilities

A new law to protect patients and workers at health care facilities is expected to move forward by Westchester County lawmakers.
Westchester County legislators and advocates are proposing a bill called Measure Protecting Access to Reproductive Health Care Facilities.
"We have a right when we go into a medical facility to believe that what is going on for us is only our business," says Catherine Lederer-Plaskett, president of Choice Matters. "Every single person, including women, who are in fact people, have the right to access reproductive health care unimpeded.”
The legislators say the arrest three anti-abortion activists who entered a White Plains women's health care clinic last November was a wake-up call.
"This bill would provide clear legal guidelines on where people have the right for protest, but where other people have the right to get health care without harassment," says Kate Permut, of Westchester Women's Agenda. 
Legislators say they feel hopeful.
"And this time I think we are going to pull it across the finish line," says Shimsky. 
County Legislators hope to have the bill approved and signed in the coming weeks.