Westchester legislators propose wage history anti-discrimination bill

Westchester County Legislator Catherine Borgia has proposed a wage history anti-discrimination bill targeting the wage gap between men and women.
The bill would prevent employers from asking an applicant their previous wage history.
"The intent of that is that very frequently women and people of color start out making lower salaries then over the course of a long career, that gap widens and widens," said Borgia.
Westchester Business Council President Marsha Gordon says that while the bill may have good intentions, she is concerned about the impact it could have on businesses.
"We are concerned about unintended consequences of making businesses nervous about doing business here in Westchester and New York State," said Gordon.
Women, on average, make 89 cents for every dollar paid to a man, according to the US Census Bureau in New York. Woman of color experience a much larger gap, making 56 to 66 cents for every dollar paid to a man.
If passed, Westchester would become the first county in the state to put a law like this in the books.
The bill will be voted on at the next Board of Legislators meeting Monday.
With a Democratic majority, the bill is expected to pass.