Westchester bill would keep protesters away from women's health facilities

With the Supreme Court's decision to overturn the landmark case of Roe V. Wade, Westchester lawmakers are working to further protect access to abortions and protect women's health facilities and anyone who visits them.
Westchester County legislators planning for an influx of patients coming from out of state.
The legislators are working on a bill called the Reproductive Facilities Healthcare Access Act that would keep protestors away from the entrances from clinics
It would require any protestors to stay 25 feet away from any women's care facility. The law would also allow fines of up to a $1,000.
Legislator Catherine Borgia tells News 12 there's going to be an increased risk of run-ins between pro-life protestors and people seeking care at these facilities
The legislature is expected to vote on this law at Monday’s 7 p.m. legislature meeting.