Westchester agency helps people with disabilities find jobs, unleash hidden potential

The agency’s executive director and CEO, Tibi Guzmán, says individuals with disabilities just need a chance.

News 12 Staff

Oct 29, 2021, 2:36 AM

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Arc Westchester works with different employers to help those with disabilities find employment and discover their hidden potential. 
The agency’s executive director and CEO, Tibi Guzmán, says individuals with disabilities just need a chance. 
"If the employer says…I do find this person to do really well, but I would like to train them in this other aspect,” explains Guzmán. “Our employment professionals come in and say, don't worry. We can help you with that." 
Arc has helped people like Matthew Teotor, who the agency paired with Zaro’s Family Bakery. 
“They showed me how to use the popcorn machine,” says Teotor. 
William Greco also works for Zaro’s and learned how to make bread. 
“The thing I love about working here the most is it’s teaching me to be independent one day,” says Greco. 
Greco has set goals for himself, like saving money. 
“I’m working towards retirement,” says Greco. “I’m saving money for my marriage one day.” 
Zaro’s CEO, Michael Zaro, says having an impact on people makes him and his family feel great. 
“They provide us with just as much happiness and ease,” says Zaro. 
For more information you can visit the Arc Westchester agency website.

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