Waverly Avenue Bridge closes for 10 months for reconstruction

Despite creating a temporary traffic nuisance, many Mamaroneck residents are applauding the long-overdue repairs of the Waverly Avenue Bridge.
The bridge closed this morning for a 10-month reconstruction period, aiming to widen the channel and replace the aging span.
The closure comes after an initial shutdown for construction last October. Mayor Thomas Murphy halted the project, citing a dangerous increase in traffic flow.
This pause led to a dispute, prompting discussions on reimbursement for police overtime. Eventually, an agreement was reached, with the town reimbursing the village a little over $100,000 for police protection. The project itself is estimated to cost the town around $4.5 million.
The reconstruction aims not only to replace the bridge but also to widen the channel, reducing flooding risks in the area.
Residents, like James Abbate from the Washingtonville Neighborhood Association, express enthusiasm for the long-overdue project. Abbate remarked, "This has been happening since the 70s, so this is the first time that they're actually starting to do something, and we are happy about that."
For commuters frequently traveling this area, an alternative route down Hoyt Avenue has been designated during the bridge closure. Police and signs will aid in redirecting traffic.