Was your COVID-19 vaccination appointment canceled due to the snowstorms? Doctors discuss what comes next

News 12’s Elizabeth Hashagen was joined by Dr. Harris, the medical director of Northwell Community Vaccination Program, and Dr. Ankita Sagar, a primary care physician and the director of Ambulatory Quality at Northwell, to answer your COVID-19 questions.
Many COVID-19 vaccine shipments and appointments have been canceled due to the recent winter storms across New York, New Jersey and parts of Connecticut.
Dr. Harris assures that vaccination delays of a few days will have no immunological effect and that health care institutions and the state are obligated to reach out to patients to reschedule. He says the safety of the patient is the biggest priority for doctors and it's better to stay at home while traveling conditions are dangerous.
Meanwhile, many people who are eligible for the vaccine have not been able to schedule appointments yet. Dr. Sagar says those who are still waiting need to be patient and keep trying.
Why can't the COVID-19 vaccine can't be distributed directly to patients' doctors? Dr. Harris says the main reason is because of the specific conditions the vaccines need to be kept in.
While appointments are being delayed, many people questioned on whether coming to their appointments early is a good idea. Dr. Harris answers below.
Is it possible to get on a waiting list for the vaccine? Dr. Sagar and Dr. Harris say this isn't a system that is in place just yet.
New phases of vaccination groups have begun in many areas. Why is this the case when many who were eligible from the previous phase still have not been vaccinated yet? Dr. Harris says this is because the supply in vaccines is expected to increase soon.
Dr. Sagar recommends people who are eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine and are still looking for an appointment to visit the NYC Vaccine List. The website finds available appointment openings for you.