Thousands of New Yorkers cast votes early ahead of general elections

New York early voting is now in its third day, and thousands of people have cast their ballots.
Voters trickled into Village Hall in Dobbs Ferry Monday afternoon to vote a week ahead of the general election.
This is the first year that early voting has taken place in New York state. The state Legislature passed it into law earlier this year. Since then, boards of elections statewide have been working around the clock hoping for a smooth transition.

About 300 people have already cast their votes in Dobbs Ferry since early voting began Saturday across the county. Countywide, it’s close to 5,000.
Since early voting is new, it’s difficult to know what the impact will be. Elections officials are hoping eventually that more voting days will drive up the overall turnout.

Early voting continues all week until Sunday.
Officials say 50,000 New Yorkers have already voted statewide since Saturday.