The New Normal: Top 5 tips for finding a job in 2021

News 12's Elizabeth Hashagen was joined this morning by Amanda Nachman, CEO and publisher of College Magazine, TEDx speaker, and host of the Find Your Passion Career podcast, to talk about finding your dream job right now.
COVID-19 changed the jobs landscape, so understanding what "comes next" is important for employers and job seekers.
Despite the current economic climate, finding a new job may require a more creative approach.
Here are the top five tips for finding a job in 2021:

1. Create your LinkedIn

Nachman says you want to show up and shine when employers search you.

2. Make courageous connections

Find someone who is in a career you admire and reach out to them!

3. Send a direct message a day

Reach out to someone in your dream industry every day for 30 days - and make those connections.

4. Build your personal brand

You can build your personal brand on many different platforms, including social media. For example, if you are interested in yoga you might put up a photo of you in a yoga pose on Instagram every day with information on the pose. This can then be used on your resume or during the interview - it will be something that differentiates you.

5. Apply before they're even looking

It's been said that 70%-80% of jobs are not posted. Think about how you can connect to find all those hidden opportunities.