Teacher fired after social media posts lead to lockout

An allegedly disgruntled teacher, who the Mount Vernon school district says caused them to lock out schools Tuesday, has been fired.
The district says the lockout was the result of concerning social media videos made by the employee. The teacher maintains he's done nothing wrong.
The school district fired science teacher Chris Vasquez at Tuesday's board meeting.
Vasquez worked in Mount Vernon High School for roughly two years before he was placed on paid leave in March.
The district won't comment on personnel matters, but Superintendent Dr. Kenneth Hamilton ordered a lockout at all schools Tuesday because of a "disgruntled employee."
Vasquez admits that employee was him because he posted videos on YouTube of students chatting about school corruption.
He says a tenured teacher has been illegally selling food to students, but News 12 received an anonymous tip saying Vasquez orchestrated the cellphone videos of students to incriminate teachers.
Vasquez explains he did it to give to the superintendent and high school principal so they could act on it.
News 12 was told that Vasquez brought box cutters to school, but he explained that he brought them in one time to prep lab equipment.
He has denied allegations that he was fired from the New York City school district two years ago.

“I didn't like where the narrative at the school was heading, and what the new principal was doing so I left,” he says.

Vasquez is hoping legal action against the district will make a difference.