SUNY Purchase offering new housing scholarships to 2 students

SUNY Purchase is offering an exclusive scholarship to students who are first-generation or come from lower socioeconomic backgrounds for the first time. 
Two lucky students who apply to the liberal arts and sciences department will receive $10,000 a year for all four years to pay for on-campus housing.
"Studies have shown that students who live on campus have a more successful and enjoyable college experience," said SUNY Purchase President Milagros Pena. "They tend to receive more support, create more connections to their peers, earn better grades, and graduate at a higher rate than those who live off campus."  
It's a gamer changer for high school senior Wetshina Maurice and her family.
"The whole money aspect was a big burden on them because they didn't know how they would have to pay it," she said. 
 She emigrated with her family from Haiti when she was just 5 years old, and education has always been the most important thing to them.
This scholarship would mean just as much to them, as it would to her.
"It'll just relieve a lot of stress for them, she says. 
It's a long-term investment in Westchester County, its people, and its future for the university.
"Many of you come back to our communities, like I did, after graduation to teach, others of you will open a business," said Pena
Students must submit an application by March 16 and be recommended by a designee at their school
SUNY Purchase hopes to offer this scholarship to more school districts in the near future.