SUNY Oneonta students begin journey home after coronavirus outbreak

After just two weeks on campus, SUNY Oneonta students are heading back home following a significant COVID-19 outbreak on campus.

News 12 Staff

Sep 4, 2020, 6:57 PM

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The school reported more than 500 cases since the semester began, prompting the school to shut down. Officials have opted instead to hold all fall classes online.
Student Daniel Kohler of Nanuet understands the decision but is still upset because his last swim season is now in jeopardy.
"We were in the hiatus where we would maybe have a season...” says Kohler. “Knowing that I may not compete again is really heartbreaking."
Kohler added, “If this continues, I may not be able to have my last undergrad experience and go out with a bang, being a senior."
Another SUNY Oneonta student, Frank Zambrano, tells News 12 he’s speechless at how quickly things unfolded. "We're all just in shock, like honestly, I really have no words to describe it because it's not what you're expecting.”
Zambrano says fellow student apparently didn't understand the seriousness.
"They like to pretend that this thing doesn't exist, that there is not a global pandemic going on. That they're immune to it, when they're not,” says Zambrano, of Elmsford.
"It just spread it to the rest of the campus and affected everyone, especially the people who were following the rules. It feels like the innocent is getting punished," says Kohler.
News 12 is told the university is asking everyone, barring any extenuating circumstances, to leave the campus by Sept. 7. Students will receive a full refund for room and board.

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