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Students, teachers with COVID-19 vaccines can ditch masks in class, CDC says

Schools in Peekskill are already adapting their rules beginning Monday.

News 12 Staff

Jul 10, 2021, 2:52 AM

Updated 1,103 days ago


Vaccinated students and teachers can ditch their masks in class, according to new guidancefrom the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Schools in Peekskill are already adapting their rules beginning Monday. 
Jorge Conde's son is in the Peekskill School District and will be turning 12 soon.
He says the plan is to get him vaccinated this summer to get him out of a mask.
"He was complaining it was uncomfortable. He's going to be happy not wearing the mask," Conde said.
Other districts, like White Plains, are waiting to see what the state guidance is.
Dr. Cristina Johns says the science supports the unvaccinated still wearing masks. Her concern is how schools will enforce it.
"To try to keep track of that is really challenging. I think it also can set up an awkward dynamic for middle school students," she said.
One superintendent says the school can ask parents and staff for their COVID-19 vaccine status, like they do with other shots.

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