Students return to classrooms at Byram Hills SD

Students in the Byram Hills Central School District were back in the classroom Tuesday.

News 12 Staff

Sep 1, 2020, 9:10 PM

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Students in the Byram Hills Central School District were back in the classroom Tuesday. 
News 12's Samantha Crawford was at H C Crittenden Middle School as students ended their first day.
It was a much more chaotic dismissal from years past, with many more parents lining up to pick up their kids from school.

Traffic controllers told News 12 that the line to pick up students at a number of schools was long. They said the worst was a 3-mile buildup at Coman Hill Elementary School.

Some parents say they felt that it was safer to drop off and pick up their kids themselves, rather than having them on a more-crowded school bus. 
Others said they just wanted to drive them on their first day because of family tradition and that they will eventually have them take the bus. 
Overall, parents News 12 spoke to said they felt optimistic about sending their kids back to school and feel they're in good hands.
All kindergarten through sixth grade students will be in school daily with early dismissal on Wednesdays. Grades seven through 12 have hybrid schedules. 
Students say they were given routine mask breaks at their desks where they were allowed to take their face coverings off for one minute.
Superintendent Jen Lamia told News 12 that the first day went well. 
She said social distancing, good hygiene and mask wearing were highly enforced and will be for the school year.
As students were dismissed, the majority had their masks on - fully covering their faces. 

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