Stats show wide racial gap for NY hospital workers offered COVID-19 vaccine

Gov. Andrew Cuomo released troubling numbers Friday that tallied the racial breakdown of the hospital workers who've been vaccinated against COVID-19.
  • 63% of vaccine recipients were white (70% of eligible population)
  • 10% of vaccine recipients were African American (17% of eligible population)
Pastor Mark McLean, president of the NAACP of New Rochelle, told News 12 that there are likely many reasons for Blacks being so underrepresented, including a legacy of racism and a distrust of the medical establishment particularly when it comes to vaccines.
He was also critical of the state's rollout.
"The state has to do a better job in making the vaccine accessible to the African American community and we, the leaders of the community…We have to continually directly engage our people and change their cynical attitude toward health care,” says Pastor McLean.
He recently recovered from a severe case of COVID-19 – a case likely made worse by the fact he has diabetes and high blood pressure. The pastor also stressed the importance of the Black community doing more to take better care of themselves.