Somers residents say dangerous potholes continue to plague roadways

Residents in Somers say they are frustrated with the potholes on some of their roadways.
Motorists say it's a never-ending problem on Route 118 and the 202 corridor.
New York Sen. Peter Harckham says he hears those complaints loud and clear and is determined to find a solution to the dangerous pothole problem in his district.
Harckham says he's been pushing for an extra $2 billion in the state's capital plan to address the condition of state roads in the district.
Still, other residents insists that more be done and quickly.
And while there are fears among drivers that a serious accident could happen, Harckham promises that help is on the way.
"What we're asking for is full repaving of that stretch of 118 and portions of 202 in Somers," Harckham says.