"Someone is going to die here" – Yonkers man says potholes are ticking time bombs

A Yonkers man says the potholes are so bad this year that they are creating a real safety problem.
"I will put you on notice and guarantee you that someone is going to die here," says Andy Lawrence.
Lawrence says potholes, including the ones along both directions of Central Park Avenue, are ticking time bombs.
"Thousands and thousands of cars pass by here and you'll see this hole -- I can actually stand in that hole," he says.
News 12 followed Lawrence from Andrus Park down to the Midland Avenue Overpass. The News 12 dashcam almost never stopped shaking in that 2-mile stretch. Just seconds before the camera started rolling, News 12 heard a loud bang and saw one driver's tire actually explode after driving over a pothole right before the Midland Avenue Bypass.
"Every time I call the mayor's office, the mayor's office says it's the state's fault. You call the state, the state says it's the county's fault, but neither party is agreeing to fix it," says Lawrence.
Lawrence has been told that the tug of war is because Central Park Avenue is considered both a state and local road.
News 12 reached out to officials from both jurisdictions and are awaiting their comments.