Some Stony Point taxpayers opposing sale of former Letchworth property, golf course sale

A group of citizens who oppose the former Letchworth property and golf course sale say they regret the decision and plan to pursue legal action.
The town of Stony Point recently sold the property and golf course to Raja Amar, a private investor and resident.
Amar agreed to pay $6.4 million to solidify the deal.
“I think the most exciting part is I have a vision, I think I can bring a lot of changes to this place,” says Amar.
Joe Reilly of Stony Point believes the sale to Amar was a good idea, saying in part, “I think this guy looks like he’s going to put money into it which is a good thing for everyone.”
The plan is to transform the area into one of the top 100 golf courses in the country with amenities that feature locker rooms, showers, a hotel, a restaurant and potentially a cigar bar.
The sale also includes a brand-new community center, demolishing old buildings, renovations to Kirkbride Hall for town recreation and free golf for Stony Point emergency responders.
Town Supervisor Jim Monaghan tells News 12 “the purchaser is going to have to invest upwards of $15 million.” 
Monaghan also says this deal saves the town $1.3 million to subsidize the golf course each year, which only 400 out of nearly 16,000 residents use.
However, residents like Greg Julian don’t believe the hype. “I regret that decision, we are going to pursue the lawsuits,” says Julian.He joins a group of citizens opposing the sale; last year over 500 people petitioned for a referendum to have a say on the property’s sale.
The petition was challenged and upheld by the state Supreme Court. Recently, it’s been appealed and if the court sides with citizens, there will be a referendum vote that could void the sale.
 “The people will, and I believe do have the right to invalidate the contract to say they do not want the sale,” says Julian.
The attorney representing the citizens in the case issued a statement to News 12 that says in part: "It is deeply disturbing that the Town Board has been misrepresenting the finances of Patriot Hills Golf Course. The proposed sale will essentially leave the Town with nothing—no cash in hand—and only the promises of a first-time developer. In the long run, allowing private ownership may result in the Golf Course eventually becoming high-density housing. I am confident that the Appellate Division will direct that a permissive referendum be held, undoing today’s sale..."
To view the entire lawsuit, click here.
The town supervisor says previous reports that investors paid Stony Point $10,000 a month while they conducted a feasibility study are false. He says the investor offered but the town attorney said it wasn't allowed. News 12 has asked for a copy of the sale contract and are waiting to receive it.