Commuters share thoughts, concerns with Metro-North execs in Mamaroneck

Commuters shared their thoughts and aired some grievances with top executives from Metro-North today.
Senior staff members, including the president of Metro-North, were at the Mamaroneck station for two hours.
Riders were asked to share their thoughts about "anything and everything Metro-North."
The event was part of the railroad's broader " Connect With Us" program. Metro-North started the program back in 2014 to have railroad executives come out to different train stations about once a month to meet with customers in person to discuss everything from ways to improve train service to the commuter experience.
The program was suspended once COVID-19 hit, but they started it back up again as ridership began to increase. Metro-North execs say they do use customer suggestions and comments when making decisions.
A new train app was recently launched, and commuters are giving it a thumbs up. "I feel like the Metro-North's ticket app is good. It's definitely an improvement from what it was before," says one rider. "The app is good. It just updated. It's called TrainTime now. I use it constantly."
If you missed out today, Metro-North officials say they plan to be at another Hudson Valley station in the fall.