Responders use the Jaws of Life to rescue trapped garbage truck driver

Responders use the Jaws of Life to rescue trapped garbage truck driver

A garbage truck driver suddenly lost control Wednesday and slammed into a utility pole in Rockland County.
First responders rushed to save the driver trapped inside on Linda Drive, located off of Spook Rock Road in Montebello.
Officials say the truck was collecting recyclables along Linda Drive just after 12 p.m. when it crashed.
The crash created a domino effect, knocking additional poles, live wires and a transformer into the roadway.
One neighbor who didn't want to appear on camera tells News 12 that she heard the impact and immediately called 911.

"I came to the door and right away heard people screaming for help,” she says.
Officials say two men on the back of the truck were able to hop off in the nick of time, but the driver was trapped inside.

Chief Brad Weidel, of the Ramapo Police Department, said the driver had to be extricated by the Tallman Fire Department.

Ramapo police say fast-thinking first responders used the Jaws of Life to cut pieces off of the truck to access that driver.

"But once they got him freed - he was able to get out sort of on his own, which was really good to see,” says Weidel.

The driver was taken to the Westchester Medical Center for injuries that were not considered life-threatening.
Officials say Linda Drive is expected to remain closed until Thursday morning. They say several homes will be without power until further notice.