Schools in Rockland, Westchester set to get millions in COVID-19 relief money

The Superintendent for White Plains Schools says starting March 22 they will be phasing in all their kids for more in-person learning with a goal of getting kids in classroom five days a week soon.
Rep. Mondaire Jones says $400 million will go to his district's schools in Rockland and Westchester counties to help pay for things like PPE and making buses safer during the pandemic. 
Jones says White Plains had to spend $7 million to make the school safe for the hybrid learning it's doing right now.
District leaders say the money that's heading their way will make the world of a difference.
"This is great news. This is the beginning of the United States of America emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic," said superintendent Joseph Ricca.
White Plains isn't the only district getting help. East Ramapo is set to get more than $100 million. Classes were being combined and dozens of layoffs were announced there a few weeks ago because of the district's dire financial straits.