Scarsdale family creates national campaign to 'Bake Back America'

A Scarsdale family's effort to spread acts of kindness has become a nationwide movement.
Last month, 16-year-old Brianna Subin, of Scarsdale, baked some treats for her local first responders. It was her way of thanking those on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic.
"Helping people is always a good feeling, but especially during this time, it's so important to give back," she says.
Subin was then joined by her 13-year-old brother Benjamin, and they started a national 'do good' movement called 'Bake Back America.'
It's now more than just cookies for essential employees - volunteers are donating thousands of dollars, PPE and just about everything else to those most impacted by the virus from coast-to-coast.
"I am so proud of my kids. They're amazing people and I think that many kids now are realizing empathy," says Herb Subin, Brianna's father.
The family hopes their work will inspire others to do some good as well. They say their message is "together we will get through this."
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