Rye: Scammers are posing as construction contractors

The City of Rye is warning residents about a new scam involving fake construction contractors.
Officials say fraudsters pose as a door-to-door salesperson claiming to be with a construction company. They usually say they're a contractor with extra supplies and can offer you a really good deal on building supplies, painting, driveway paving, roofing or pest control, among other things. They often say they're only in your neighborhood for the day and if you call the company for an estimate and contract, it will cost you a lot more.
Officials say to never feel pressure to let them in your home and always ask for identification. You should verify who they are and if they are working for a true company they claim to be. It's always good to end the conversation and check that company out.
They say that when you answer the door, make sure that all other doors providing entry to your residence are locked. A distracted homeowner at the front door makes an opportunity for others to enter without detection.