Rye Brook student helps seniors virtually visit their doctors

A Rye Brook student is helping seniors see their doctors - without having to step into an office.
Abe Baker-Butler helps seniors get access to iPhones, iPads and other devices for teleconferencing doctors.
Many doctors are now using teleconferencing, which can help spare seniors from exposure to illnesses in doctors' offices and waiting rooms. Medical experts warn that senior citizens could be the most vulnerable to the deadly threat of COVID-19.
"We've been building our organization across the country to get devices for seniors in need so they can engage in medical appointments remotely rather than putting themselves at risk by going to the doctor,” he says.
The high school senior, helped by five other student volunteers, accepts usable devices donated to the nonprofit TeleHealth for Seniors for distribution to seniors in Westchester and nationwide.
Baker-Butler says they even have tech support people on staff who will teach seniors how to set up the devices.
Plans are underway to expand the program in Westchester.
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