Rutgers University to require COVID-19 vaccine for all students enrolled in 2021 fall semester

All students enrolled at Rutgers University for the 2021 fall semester will need to be vaccinated against COVID-19, the university announced on Thursday.
The mandate encompasses all of Rutgers’s campuses and would impact 71,000 students.
Rutgers officials say that they are doing this because the federal government is assuring that the vaccine will be available for all Americans by the end of May. University President Jon Holloway says the effort will “help provide for a safer and more robust college experience for our students.”
Except for a few students on campus, the majority of learning at Rutgers has been done remotely. Students will still have the option to continue to learn remotely if they choose. Students may claim a medical or religious exemption if needed.
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Several Rutgers students said that they agreed that the mandate was a good idea.
“I definitely miss being in a classroom. I don’t feel like I learn as much when I’m remote,” says Lauren Rudolph.
“I personally am for the mandate because if I’m in an in-person setting, I want to be in an environment where everyone is vaccinated,” says Corrine Lima.
Rutgers is expected to set up vaccine centers. But the administration says that students should not wait for that to happen. They suggest that students get on a list to be vaccinated whenever possible.