‘Run For Their Lives’ stands up for Jewish-owned ice cream shop vandalized last week

The Scoop Shop was one of two businesses in the Golden Horseshoe Shopping Center that was vandalized. No arrests have been made yet.

Jade Nash

Feb 4, 2024, 5:06 PM

Updated 165 days ago


A group from Run For Their Lives deviated from their planned meeting Sunday to stand in solidarity with an Jewish-owned ice cream shop in Westchester that was vandalized this past week.
The Westchester group has been meeting every Sunday to demand that the hostages held by Hamas in the wake of the Oct. 7 attack in Israel are freed.
"When we first started our walk, it was the dreariest, coldest day. We were in Pleasantville and there were five of us," said Jacey Taub. "Every week, I feel like, collectively, we have been getting more and more people."
On Sunday, the group read the names of the hostages at the JCC Mid-Westchester, then walked to the Scoop Shop.
"Today also happens to be a very interesting holiday. It's called International Ice Cream for Breakfast Day... and we wanted to have a little bit of joy in this tough time," said David Malchman, the lead coordinator of the group.
Barry Seff said he attended a rally that was organized to support the Scoop Shop right after they were vandalized.
"I mean it just came right into our heart. I mean this is like our neighborhood. This is our backyard... People are trying to intimidate us and we're not going to stand for that," Seff said.
The support means the world to Adam Deutsch, owner of the Scoop Shop.
"It's just great to see that the community comes together to support local businesses and each other when things happen," he said.

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