Rockland officials say they are at mercy of state for COVID-19 vaccines

State officials are warning New York's supply of COVID-19 vaccines could run out by the end of this week.
Rockland officials say the county received 2,100 doses Tuesday but that they are at the mercy of the state, which has delivered an inconsistent supply of vaccines.
The state is blaming the federal government for not delivering enough vaccines.
According to the state's website, 94,000 doses were administered in the Mid-Hudson region.
Some of those vaccines went into arms over at the Westchester County Center, where seniors News 12 spoke too were relieved that they are guaranteed a second dose.
Officials at the state-run facility say they do not anticipate running out but getting an appointment there is a long wait, and many are holding out hope that a new administration in Washington, D.C. will deliver a campaign promise to ramp up vaccine supply.