Rockland mechanic shop manager says outage put brakes on business

Roughly 21,000 customers still remain in the dark in Rockland County.

News 12 Staff

Aug 6, 2020, 6:42 PM

Updated 1,381 days ago


 Thousands of customers still remain in the dark in Rockland County.
The manager of one mechanic shop says having no power is putting the brakes on business. In one day, he says he's turned away dozens of clients until the lights turn back on.

"Were basically dead in the water. Everything we do here requires power. Lifts, air compressors, inspection machine. There's virtually nothing we can do without power," says Joseph Gaglione, operations manager for Eastern State Tire & Auto.
An O&R spokesperson says the biggest challenge in this storm was the wind severely damaged their transmission system and many transmission lines which are responsible for delivering the bulk of power to customers.
O&R also provided free ice to community members Thursday while they waited for their power to be restored.

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