Retired FDNY captain from Rockland dies of 9/11-related illness

Another victim of 9/11 has died almost two decades after the attack.
Rockland County resident and retired FDNY Capt. Frank Portelle died over the weekend from a 9/11-related cancer.
The FealGood Foundation tracks deaths connected to the attack and says we've lost three dozen heroes just this year to illnesses linked to ground zero. The foundation also spreads awareness about the health effects caused by 9/11.
"It's a shrinking fraternity of heroes that continues to get smaller and getting decimated by the 9/11 devil which is cancer," says John Feal, of The FealGood Foundation.
Just under 3,000 people passed away on 9/11 and now 20 years later the number of people who passed away from 9/11 related illnesses has surpassed that number.
The FealGood Foundation confirms Portelle is the eighth person to pass from a 9/11-related illness this month.
"I've been to 180 funerals. two of them were for my best friends and I'm tired of going to funerals. I want to see a success story that's what keeps me going," says Feal.
The FealGood Foundation encourages anyone who worked at ground zero or even lived or worked in the surrounding area to register with the World Trade Center Health Program.