Residents say air traffic noise is a top concern as Westchester looks to update County Airport master plan

The future of the Westchester County Airport is up in the air as a new master plan will decide the direction of this regional airport is underway.
During a virtual public meeting held by county officials Wednesday night, dozens of people who live near the regional airport that opened in 1945 complained about air traffic noise.
"You can hear one over here right now, and you got the other one over there - and it doesn't stop," said Tammy Cohen, of Purchase.
Cohen lives just a three-minute drive from the Westchester County Airport.
"The worst part are the helicopters, and they fly low and they are loud," she said.
Concerns and suggestions from the public are being taken as the county drafts a new master plan for the regional transportation hub. It’s become a popular alternative to city airports, offering easy access and short Transportation Security Administration lines.
"The demand for this airport is tremendous," said Westchester County Executive George Latimer.
The county has no plans to expand the airport and has limited the number of commercial flights to a maximum of four every half-hour, but private flights and flight paths are out of the county's control.
Latimer called the process of making a new master plan a balancing act.
"We don't want to turn our back on the residents who are concerned about the noise," he said. "On the other hand, we have to make sure we don't take the attitude that the airport doesn't matter economically because it does."
The county is also looking into the environmental and health impacts of the airport.
Latimer says he does expect to have more meetings to get more public input and is even considering having one of them in Greenwich, Connecticut, which borders the airport.
He expects a draft of the master plan to be ready this fall.
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