Rep. Lawler's Pearl River office vandalized over support of Israel in war against Hamas

Rep. Mike Lawler's office in Pearl River was the target of vandalism on Wednesday over his support of Israel in its war against Hamas.
Dozens of stickers were on the outside of the Blue Hill Plaza building where Lawler's office is located. The messages on the stickers called for a cease-fire and attacked Lawler.
"The escalation of rhetoric, manifesting itself in defacing government offices, is severely wrong and unfortunate, and it's not solving the challenge here," Lawler said on Thursday.
Lawler told News 12 the vandalism has strengthened his resolve and support for Israel.
The Republican congressman does not know who was responsible.
Orangetown police told News 12 they are investigating the incident, which happened less than a week after Democratic Rep. Pat Ryan's office in Newburgh was vandalized. His office was covered with red spray-paint messages that read "War criminal" and "Cease fire now."
Lawler has reported the incident to Capitol Police.
No one had claimed responsibility as of Thursday evening.