Red Cross urges families to prioritize readiness during National Preparedness Month

The Red Cross is urging families to know their emergency plans during National Preparedness Month.
More than 40% of Americans were living in a county struck by a disaster in 2021, including many pockets of the Hudson Valley, according to the Red Cross.
Experts say people should prepare for climate-related disasters, like deadly flooding and fast-moving wildfires.
It’s important to have a safety kit with bottled water, non-perishable foods, a first-aid kit, blankets and a flashlight. You can also download safety phone apps and have a battery-operated weather radio.
"Having the ability to get those warnings as quickly as possible and as many different variations to get those warnings is going to be really pivotal,” says Stephanie Fox of the Red Cross.
You can help kids prepare by familiarizing them with the sound of a fire alarm and other emergency signals.
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