Protective Health Gear in Paterson churns out up to 70,000 N95 masks a day

Protective Health Gear in Paterson employees are churning out more N95 masks than ever before, according to their CEO.  
Demand for the masks is through the roof after the Centers for Disease Control and Demand recommended them to fight the Omicron variant instead of a cloth mask.
Employees are busy churning out up to 70,000 N95s every day. CEO Brian Wolin says it's more complicated than it looks to keep up with demand.
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The masks are called KN95 because they are designed to filter out at least 95% of airborne particles when worn correctly.  
"We're flying in machinery and materials and rushing as fast as we can, it's just not that easy to ramp up when you're making something that's so serious as a product,” says Wolin.
They are called N95 respirators because they are designed to filter out 95% of airborne particles when they're worn correctly. The CDC says the more snug the mask is, the better.
"Having a head harness helps to suction it to your face much better, and remember, these are respirators - meaning that it does not allow air to go in,” says Wolin.
But don't be fooled -- there has been some confusion about how to tell whether your mask is a certified N95 or not.
"The thing you always want to look to purchase an N95 respirator is that the respirator has a harness, meaning they go behind the head as you can see here. With other masks, we all know they have ear loop systems,” says Wolin.
Wolin hopes to ramp up production, making up to 110,000 N95s every day.