Police: Smashed windows, vandalized buses in Rye Brook may all be connected

Police in Rye Brook are investigating a string of vandalisms that they believe are all connected.
The first two happened between Jan. 20 and Jan. 25 when fire extinguishers were used inside Blind Brook school buses, causing damage to the vehicles.
The third incident happened at a building at 300 King St. where the rear windows of the building were smashed.
Police believe the same suspects are responsible for all three incidents.
And a similar crime apparently happened in a nearby community. On the police department's Facebook page, one person commented that the same kind of vandalism about three weeks ago at the Port Chester Middle school bus lot, where fire extinguishers had been taken from parked from buses.
Anyone with information about the vandalisms is urged to call the Rye Brook Police Department at (914) 939-1121.