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Period Project' - led by Yorktown student - helps raise $6,000+ for women in need

The Period Project Yorktown is an initiative to collect feminine hygiene products and deliver them to women in shelters across Westchester.

Ahsinet Scott Brown

May 19, 2024, 8:28 PM

Updated 32 days ago


A Westchester high school senior is paving the way forward by helping women in the community.
Annabelle Newberger, 17, is a senior at Yorktown High School. She recently kicked off her third year of her period poverty initiative called "The Period Project Yorktown" where she collects feminine hygiene products and delivers them to women in shelters across Westchester.
Newberger says she started this initiative when she realized that people weren't donating feminine hygiene products.
“The best way to combat it is to spread awareness and try to destigmatize periods, because it's such a hard topic for people to talk about," says Newberger.
In 2023, Newberger received the Association of Development Officers Youth Philanthropist of the Year award for her efforts.
Anyone interested in donating can visit The Period Project Yorktown.

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