Orange County residents raise new COVID concerns amid allegations of overcrowding at 2 schools

Orange County parents are raising new COVID-19 concerns amid allegations of overcrowding in two different schools.
Parents in Middletown and Newburgh sent photos to News 12 showing high schoolers in both districts shoulder to shoulder, waiting for buses and in hallways.
The Newburgh school district responded to concerns Friday in a message to parents online saying the photos were from an isolated incident on the first day of school.
But Christine Domingues, of New Windsor, says that's not the case and sent photos from what she says is the second day in Newburgh, showing the exact same overcrowding.
Both schools have strict reopening plans requiring social distancing and masks – and both schools received millions in federal COVID relief funds last March to make sure kids can safely return to school safely.
Middletown parents have started a petition for the district to provide a remote option to help with overcrowding and for families with continued health concerns.
They say students are being packed into buses three kids a seat and in some cases, sitting on the floor.
The Newburgh school district says extra staff is now in place to redirect hallway traffic.
Middletown says social distancing is not required on buses and denies the high school is overcrowded.