Officials still looking for source of mysterious odor in Orange County

Police say they've checked with several businesses where the odor was reported, but did not find any spill or leak that could have caused it.

News 12 Staff

Feb 23, 2023, 1:03 PM

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Officials in the town of Cornwall said the Department of Environmental Conservation continued to look Thursday for the source of a mysterious odor that wafted through Orange County last week.
The odor has been described as perfume-like.
The DEC determined it was strongest in Orange County, indicating a localized source.
Police said they've checked with several businesses where the odor was reported but did not find any spill or leak that could have caused it.
News 12 was told the Orange County Health Department was also assessing the situation.
Some people in eastern Orange County and beyond are hung up on that odd, sweet smell.
It seemed to peak last Thursday evening -- that's when many of the odor complaints came in.
Resident Bill Domanico said he was pleased that the DEC was continuing the investigation, but he was also skeptical.
"Let's just see what they come up with though, if it's really a viable answer," he said.
Since last Thursday, residents shared their concerns on social media about whether the Ohio train derailment has anything to do with this.
"If there is a connection to the train derailment in Ohio, folks deserve to know," said Assembly Member Brian Maher.
He added that his staff is working closely with the DEC during the investigation.
"They did get calls from local police to check out areas that do have chemicals to see if it was from one of those plants that manufacture those chemicals, and that was not the case. That's the extent of where we've seen them actually try to pinpoint," Maher.
Maher represents a long, oddly-shaped Assembly district. It goes from Chester in the south up to Oneida County -- over 100 miles in length.
Maher said most of the calls about the smell have come from eastern Orange County, but his office is still receiving calls from all over his district from people concerned about the smell.
"There are people who are really worried about this throughout New York state and all the counties and communities that we represent," he added.
Maher said he has also heard from constituents who are chemists and former DEC employees. They have offered expertise and help to get the most out of the DEC's investigation.
Maher asked residents to be patient while the investigation unfolds.

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