NYS Thruway, Gov. Mario M. Cuomo Bridge toll hikes to take effect Jan. 1

Officials from the New York State Thruway Authority are reminding drivers that a system-wide toll hike will take effect on Jan. 1.
The new toll rates were approved by the Thruway Authority in September after a 10-month public process.
The base New York E-ZPass rate will increase by 5% outside of the Gov. Mario M. Cuomo Bridge on Monday. A second 5% increase will occur in January 2027.
Standard toll rates for non-New York E-ZPass and tolls by mail will increase to 8.6 cents per mile for both groups by 2027.
The fixed toll rate at the bridge for New York E-ZPass customers will increase by 50 cents each year through 2027.
However, the plan does preserve the 40% commuter discount plan and increases the resident discount from 17% to 20% for qualified Rockland and residents who drive on the bridge.