Nyack's Fourth of July fireworks take flight above Hudson River

Thursday's show lasted about 20 minutes and used 1,300 firework shells.

Diane Caruso and News 12 Staff

Jul 4, 2024, 4:50 PM

Updated 8 days ago


An annual firework show in Rockland County ventured into new territory for this year’s display.
This year they set off from the Hudson River off Nyack Memorial Park thanks to the North River Shipyard in Upper Nyack donating one of their barges. In years past, it was held there on land.
“We’re able to do little larger shells because we have the fall out zone,” said John Sagaria with Fireworks Extravaganza based out of Paramus, New Jersey. He grew up in Rockland and came up with Thursday night’s display. “For the town it’s a lot better because they don’t have to worry about security and it doesn’t take away from the park.”
He says they also use water cakes that make effects come out of the water, adding the show will last about 20 minutes and use around 1,300 firework shells.
There’s excitement to see what’s in store.
"I think it's going to be better since it's out on the water. So it'll be more beautiful at night as well,” said Myaire, who was playing basketball in the park Thursday afternoon.
Aside from the beauty, Sagaria’s shows have meaning. He tells News 12, "you know what the loudest firework is? Silence. If you think about it - the shows going, going and it stops for a minute, everybody notices that."
The great lawn was closed because it’s still being renovated but the rest of the park is open for viewing.

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