Nyack residents say no to hospital parking lot on ballfield

Residents in Rockland County are fighting to save a popular park from becoming prized parking.
Town members are concerned that Nyack School District, which owns the field, will lease it to Montefiore Nyack Hospital, located right across the street.
The hospital plans on using the parking lot for no more than two years, while it builds a new parking garage.
"We'd hate to see this for any amount of time not be a green space for kids", says Justin Machia, who lives on the field and has started a campaign to stop it.

Once the hospital builds its new parking garage, the facility would make the lot green again. But Machia say neighbors doubt that promise.
Hospital representatives say they would only use the ballfield for parking and not touch the track and larger field.

Nyack Mayor Don Hammond says the village has no jurisidiction over the decision. But he agrees hospital parking is a problem.

School administrators are still deciding if and when they'll lease the lot to the hospital.