Norwalk nonprofit gives back to small businesses, families in need

A Norwalk-based nonprofit is giving back to small businesses and feeding families in need at the same time.
Filling In the Blanks is known for helping food-insecure children and now thanks to donations from the public—it's able to provide meals to 3,000 children in need every weekend in Fairfield and Westchester counties.
However, now it is stepping its efforts up thanks to a pair of Stamford women who wanted to give back to small businesses hit hard.
"They came up with this idea where patrons can go to restaurants that they enjoy and buy a gift card there. And we would give the gift card to the families that are in our program," Filling In the Blanks founders Tina Kramer and Shawnee Knight say.
They're hoping to collect enough gift cards for all the kids they serve.
Right now, they have a few hundred thanks in part to Joe Hoffman and his company, Cellmark.
"We made an initial donation of $5,000. And the two restaurants that we selected were Partner's and Public, both Norwalk restaurants," Hoffman says.
 Those interested in donating can purchase a gift card at a restaurant of their choice, and the gift cards can be mailed or dropped off at the warehouse.