Norwalk HS students and staff belly flop to raise money for cancer research

The school community at Norwalk High School is raising money for cancer research in a unique way.
The Bears Beating Cancer Bear Flop has become an annual tradition. In its 11 years, it has raised about $50,000 for the Whittingham Cancer Center.
A total of 24 students and 17 staff members all belly flopped into a pool for a sold-out crowd of 200 people on Thursday.
Larry Anastasia, the dean of students, said the yearly event creates a chance for students to get noticed.
“Every year, we have new members, and we just keep it going, keep it going,” Anastasia said. “Norwalk High is an amazing place. We have some of the best kids in the state of Connecticut, let alone the United States. They just put in stuff that goes unnoticed”