Newburgh immigrants in hiding after they say ICE was in area, knocking on doors

Immigrants in Newburgh say they are in hiding in after they say ICE officials were there Tuesday afternoon knocking on doors.
Ignacio Acevedo, with local nonprofit "Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson," tells News 12 that people sent him a photo of ICE agents outside their door on Carpenter Avenue arriving in a blue Hyundai.
People also sent him photos of sightings in Middletown and Monroe Monday. He says his phone has been ringing off the hook with people worried they'll be next and asking him when they'll be safe.
He tells News 12 he doesn't know.
"This is having mental consequences. It's not just the undocumented parents, but also the kids who are citizens who...most likely will have this day as being one of their worst days of their lives," he says.
Acervedo says many of the families who are too afraid to leave their homes will eventually run out of food and supplies. He says local organizations may have to step in and deliver them.
Acervedo says while he is a documented citizen, he is still faced with hatred from some people.
News 12 also received calls from viewers about immigration officials in White Plains, Nyack and Port Chester.