New Rochelle sees COVID-19 cases decrease 15 months after being epicenter of pandemic

New Rochelle is seeing a decrease in COVID-19 cases, 15 months after being the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic.
At the time, Gov. Andrew Cuomo established a 3-square-mile containment zone in the north end as it had1,000 active cases this past January.
The city currently has under 100 positive COVID-19 cases for the first time ever.
"We're a city of 80,000 people, and we only have 100 active cases, that a very low percentage,"
 says New Rochelle City Manager Charles Strome.
It's low because more people are getting vaccinated, but's there's more work to be done.

While active COVID-19 cases are declining, there is now a significant disparity in who is getting vaccinated in New Rochelle.
In the north end ZIP code 10804, News 12 has been told about 60% of residents have been vaccinated.
It's different story downtown - ZIP codes 10801, and 10805, where a large percentage of the city's African American and Latinos live, News 12 has been told that only about 35% of residents have gotten a shot.