New Rochelle middle school student finds 2 swastikas scrawled in textbook

Messages of hate were found scrawled on a textbook at Albert Leonard Middle School in New Rochelle.
Police say a student found two swastikas inside the back cover of a textbook.

Last month, New Rochelle police responded to six reports of swastikas at the school.  Last week, two others were found scribbled in pencil inside a textbook.
The school district has said it is no longer discussing the incidents publicly to avoid copycats. It said it is following protocol and cooperating with police.
It is unknown when the symbols were drawn, but authorities tell News 12 that if a person is found defacing school property, they could get slapped with a criminal mischief charge.
Police also say that if the person responsible is a student, they could face consequences in front of a judge in family court and have potential disciplinary actions from the school.